It is very important for the elderly and for disabled

It is very important for the elderly and for disabled people to still feel able to move and have a certain degree of freedom, but unfortunately their condition may lead to a decreased ability to move and overcome certain situations. Let’s think for example about a simple home stairs situation, where the stairs may become a serious obstacole and make own person’s house become like a sort of “prison” where the people cannot move autonomously.
Fortunately nowadays many solutions have been studied and put on the market to overcome these kind of situations.
In the last few decades, and especially in the last few years, for instance, STAIRLIFTS and ELEVATORS have spread a lot  elevatori per disabili.
In many houses where an old person is present, there’s a STAIRLIFT which helps those people overcome the stairs problem easily. A typical chair stairlift (which is called “montascale a poltrona” in Italian) has a special chair which is fixed on a special rail on the stairs and it is moved by an electric motor.
There also exist PLATFORM STAIRLIFTS, most of which are created for disabled people and built with a special platform created for the person with a wheelchair.
Another different type of solution are the so called home ELEVATORS with vertical movement, those elevators do not follow the stairs, on the contrary they move vertically to overcome the architectural barrier.
Italy nowaday is a modern country with a great sensibility towards those issues, and many solutions have been implemented both in public and in private houses to help the elderly and disabled people.
In Italy there are many companies that sell and provide stairlifts, elevators and solutions for old and disabled people.
One of the most famous companies in Italy in this sector is certainly the Centaurus Rete Italia group, which is present almost everywhere in Italy and which is a very solid and trusted brand.

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